Cartagena in Colombia is a cultural gem that most of you probably haven't heard of but you really should know about. As the first Spanish colony on the American continent and set in the picturesque backdrop of the crystal blue Caribbean, it's one of those up and coming places that you'll soon see as the next top places to travel to in the world.In the 1600's, gold and silver is what did the talking as they were mined in the area and shipped out to Europe. Pirates run rampant in the area and so a walled fort grew to protect both shipping and the slave trade. It's a different time now as Cartagena now stands as one of the continent's greatest cultural treasures. Keep reading to find your 3 day Cartagena itinerary.I'll be honest with you, when I first heard about Cartagena, I said "where?" So let's start off with that. Cartagena is situated in the northern coast of Colombia and faces the Caribbean Sea.Okay now that we have our bearings set straight, what's up in Cartagena? Mazes of idyllic cobbled alleys, lovely architecture, spectacular diving and snorkelling, lush forests, rich culture your thing? As you go through the city and the surrounding hot spots, you'll find that Cartagena really has something for everyone. The city of Cartagena itself is basically composed of two different parts. One is the remarkably intact walled colonial city, World Heritage site, called "ciudad amurallada" and the other is the beachfront known as Bocagrande which is almost a mini-Miami and just a few kilometers southwest. The city is extremely walking friendly and everything can be explored by foot. Here you'll start to really appreciate the city's fabled past and experience its Caribbean charm. If you're a foodie or partier, the food scene is diverse and the night scene is hopping. Outside of that you have many more beach options if you want to soak in the crystalline clear waters or if hiking and nature is your thing, Tayrona National Park is just four hours away. Here, the jungle rolls right up to the edge of the sea and is well known for its unique coral formations.I've put together a sample 3 day Cartagena itinerary as a great starting point for your adventures to Colombia.Hopping with energy and excitement, the first day is perfect to explore the old city and its plazas, museums, churches, and shops. Get your camera ready.With this being your final day in Cartagena, it's your chance to do a bit more slow paced exploring new neighborhoods and take in the best views of the city.