Helsinki is many things but what you'll find about the Finnish capital is that it's 100% friendly and easy to explore. From the boulevards, green spaces, magnificent architecture, and the dotted archipelago that were splashed into the Baltic Sea, this is a city you'll fall in love with so much that you wish you could stay longer - at least that's how I felt! The last time I was in Scandinavia was when I studied in Lund, Sweden and once I stepped off the plane, I felt at home again. There's something about being in this part of Europe that is so refreshing. The only remorse I had with this 3 day Helsinki itinerary was that I wish I had more time before the start of the PING Helsinki conference. In search for a cost-effective way to see all the main sights in the city, I stumbled upon the Helsinki and the 72 hour pass including transportation to and from the airport with the Region Upgrade. I'm normally not one to use city passes but it provided access to all the places I wanted to visit. I made it a mini-challenge for myself when I landed in the city - how much could I see while the card was active and how much money could I save? Upon arrival in Helsinki's international airport, I made my way down to the basement level at a place called Airpro. When ordering my Card, there were options to mail it but since I had ordered pretty last minute, the pick-up at the airport option made the most sense. All I had to do was show my printout of my voucher and the attendant was able to find my card all set up and ready to go. The Card also comes with a few books and pamphlets which I know is advertised as freebies but to be honest they're nothing different from the types of books that you can get at the visitor centre. That said, it was nice to have it all in hand which allowed to hit the road right away. Since I landed in Helsinki mid-afternoon, I knew that there wasn't much time to fit anything but I was determined to not let the day go to waste! I found my way to the train and since I had added the "Region Upgrade" to my card, I could take the train all the way from the airport since it's not considered to be in the core Helsinki zone. I just tapped my card at the little blue machine and my 72 hour clock started.Funny thing is that I was all sorts of confused trying to find the Forenom, but I was at first a little confused how to get there because there is a subway and there’s also the tram. I took the metro to get there but soon learned that the city’s tram system is much more expansive and provided route flexibility than the subway.Taking a look at all the free activities that are included with the Helsinki Card, I spotted that there was one museum that was open late and that turned out to be the museum of contemporary art, the Kiasma (official website for Kiasma).Even though I only had 2 hours to see the whole museum, I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. I especially loved photographing and filming the foyer that was built to combine the design aspects of light, shadows, lines, and curves. All of the installations were incredibly captivating and mind boggling at the same time.I stayed until the museum closed at 8PM and then made my way over to Cafe Bar No. 9 where I had the most unique Pollo Limonello pasta.Like what I did there with the header? See…Sea? Okay, I tried! Before coming to Helsinki and doing any research, I had no idea about the history of everything the now-independent country of Finland had gone through through the ages. My favourite part of the trip was hands down the second day where I got to take a short ferry over to the island of Soumenlinna, often referred to a Sea Fortress. Of course the ferry ride was just a simple tap and I was on.