Richmond in British Columbia, Canada is the gateway into Vancouver but those in-the-know will tell you that it's worth spending time here because it has so much to offer. Between its distinct experiences of having some of the best Asian cuisine outside of Asia, and iconic Canadian coastal heritage, this itinerary will show you all the best things to do in Richmond, BC. When you're done, you'll realize that this city is more than just a half-day excursion.This 4 day Richmond BC itinerary covers the top bucket list items and shows you how you can easily spend a whole weekend here and more.There's a hotel that's located in the perfect spot, recently renovated, offers one of lounges in the country to status members, and is affordably priced. Richmond is typically known for its Asian culture but when you start looking at the whole of Lulu Island that forms the city limits, you begin to see that there's so much more than its stereotype. With this 4 day itinerary of Richmond BC, I wanted to see the city in a way that most don't get to unless you're a local. In a span of a long weekend, learn what you can see, do, eat, and stay without even having to cross the bridge to Vancouver.If you've seen my Grand Rapids 4 Day Itinerary, Best Street Food, or Best Ramen in Tokyo, you'll know that I'm a big fan of trip planning maps especially for when I'm on the road. To get you started in Richmond, it's time to start your adventure with some food and of course what better way to have many options laid out in front of you than at the food court of the Aberdeen Centre. This modern day Asian shopping mall will make you feel like you're almost transported to Hong Kong and it all culminates on the second floor where you'll want to try every single vendor. With spicy Szechuan, Hong Kong cafes, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Shanghainese, and more to satisfy your cravings, take a peek around see what suits your fancy.My recommendation is Cafe which has Hong Kong classics like the bubble waffle, rice rolls, curry fish balls, and made-to-order soup noodles. While you're at Aberdeen Centre, take advantage of the fact that the famed Japanese store, has its only store in Canada located here. This two floor bonanza of Japanese goods is filled with gems that you won't find at any dollar store. They're great for home organizers, kitchen tools, and personal stationary.One of the advantages of being in Richmond is that the airport is extremely close which not only makes it convenient to hit the ground running if you fly in but it also makes airplane viewing really easy. The Larry Berg Flight Path Park is one of the friendliest and also cutest spot to watch a steady stream of planes touch down at the Vancouver International Airport.In this park, you’ll find a giant globe meant for climbing and stomping and crossing miniature runways that’s just perfect for a photoshoot as planes roar above.If you have time, another spot that’ll give you a unique perspective of Richmond is the Canada Line Bikeway that runs across the Fraser River North Arm and connects to Vancouver. It’s a little off-the-beaten-path for most visitors but it’s a short walk to get up to the bridge where bikes zoom across and the Skytrain hums above. From this bridge, you’ll see the remaining log booms along the river.Before you head to your hotel to check-in, grab one of the best mango slush from Bubble Queen. The huge chunks of fresh mango are second to none. If you’re still hungry, their specialty bubble waffles with mochi is always a hit.Close out your first day with dinner at Kiriri for an authentic Japanese dining experience with extensive grilled and deep fried items, alongside sushi and sashimi. For sushi lovers, the highlights are always on the fresh fish board where speciality fish are imported and available in limited quantities. Fair warning, their tako wasabi is extremely spicy.