Vaughan is a booming suburb north of Toronto and while most visitors and local residents will think about Vaughan Mills and Canada's Wonderland but what a lot of people don't know is that there's an incredible wealth of green spaces, nature walks, and hiking trails nestled in the neighbourhood. For anyone wanting to get a breath of fresh air and feel like you are hours up north when you're only minutes around the corner, this is the definitive guide to the best parks in Vaughan with a spotlight on those with great walks and hiking trails.Wrapped around the blocks of houses, strip malls, and commercial districts are a wealth of parks. There are easily hundreds of parks but which ones are worth a special trip out to explore? At first this might seem like an inconspicuous neighbourhood park but this is one of those hidden gems that is a gateway to so much more.Located in Kleinburg and right by Islington Avenue, this is first-and-foremost a great family park packed with features such as large open fields, baseball diamond, soccer field, and tennis courts.That's just the tip of the iceberg as the park also is the start of a trail system called the William Granger Greenway that is well-maintained and follows a tumbling stream with plenty of green foliage.This connects directly to the Canadian McMichael Art Collection and ends up in the next park on this list, Boyd Conservation Area. This is one portion of the Humber River Trail and itself is 5.7 kilometres long. Along the way you'll encounter numerous natural habitats, heritage resources, and cultural discoveries as this was an aboriginal trade route known as the Toronto Carrying-Place Trail. This is one of the most well-known green spaces in Vaughan. Located within the headwaters of the Don and Humber Rivers, this is a great park to get back to nature without having to go that far as it's south of Rutherford Road.Key highlights include a steep-sided Humber River Valley and big hill that gives you gorgeous view points of the Humber River. The park is great for picnics with quite a number of areas to set up which makes it great for families. You then have a great trail system that takes you into the woods and man-made rapids that is also part of the William Granger Greenway. You also have a really good chance of spotting wildlife such as garter snakes, tadpoles, frogs, and birds.Kortright Centre is one of my favourite parks in Vaughan because of it’s well-roundedness in terms of having large green space for activities like picnics but also having an abundance of trails to choose from, and an educational centre focused on sustainable technology.In fact, Kortright Centre has Canada’s largest educational demonstrations of renewable energy and technologies. This can be seen firsthand by participating in their renewable energy workshop.In addition, Kortright has a ton of different programs for children and adults alike. All you have to do is check out their calendar of events.Not to be missed as well is the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival which happens every year from March to April.At the south west corner of Islington Avenue and Major Mackenzie Drive West is community park that has all the sports fixings including baseball diamond, bocce field, basketball court, skateboard park, soccer field, tennis courts, and a water park. This makes it awesome for kids.What you might not know though is that there is a really beautiful and relaxing paved, easy, and loop walk that takes you from Sonoma Heights District Park all the way to Napa Valley Park in the south.The trail goes under the hydro lines and is in between residential neighbourhoods but it makes for an easy walk and is also great for rollerblading, cycling, and running.