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Hulk Hogan Reacts to Hemsworth’s Thor 4 Transformation Ahead of WWE Biopic

Hulk Hogan comments on Chris Hemsworth’s physical transformation for Thor 4 ahead of the upcoming Hogan biopic starring Hemsworth for Netflix.

Hulk Hogan recently gave his opinion of Chris Hemsworth’s muscle transformation before his WWE biopic. In 2019, it was announced that Chris Hemsworth would portray the legendary Hall of Fame wrestler in an upcoming movie about his life. Although little information about the Netflix film has been released so far, that hasn’t stopped Hogan from publicly airing his opinions about Hemsworth’s casting.

Terry Bollea, better publicly known as Hulk Hogan, began his wrestling career in 1977. With a 300 pound frame of muscle capable of slamming Andre The Giant, it was clear from the beginning that Hogan was a unique physical specimen. Standing at a towering height of 6’7 and with flowing blonde hair, Hogan easily stood out among his competition. To realistically retell his story, directors needed to find a notable actor that could match his legendary stature and attitude. Chris Hemsworth fit the bill, already having the hair and muscular build, but can his transformation live up to the Hulkster?

Hulk Hogan seems to think so and took to Instagram to give his stamp of approval. Hemsworth recently posted a picture of himself on the set of Thor 4: Love and Thunder. In the photo, the massive arms bulging out of his tank top almost look surreal. Even Hogan had to repost it and admit that Hemsworth has the “Hogan Pump on Jack.”

Hemsworth’s physical transformation shows he can visually portray Hollywood Hogan on the big screen. While Hemsworth is best known for playing Thor in the MCU, he has also had notable roles in films such as Red Dawn, 12 Strong, and In the Heart of the Sea that show his versatility. This coupled with a muscular structure to match Hogan is a great indication he’ll be able accurately portray the wrestling legend’s career through all its ups and downs.

The new film could rejuvenate Hogan’s image, which has been tarnished by scandals in his personal life. In 2007, a sex tape of Hogan was leaked and he was also later fired from WWE after he was recorded openly using racial slurs. These controversies will not be addressed in the new film, however, as it’s expected to focus on the early year’s of Hogan’s career. This could see the movie, which is being directed by Joker’s Todd Phillips, portray Hogan in a more positive light with more attention given to rise in fame. The Netflix film does not currently have an official title or release date, but it is speculated to possibly be released in 2022. Even so, judging by the attention of Hulk Hogan’s post, this a movie that will be closely watched once production gets rolling.

The Conjuring 3 Beats A Quiet Place 2 for Top Spot at Weekend Box Office

The Conjuring 3 takes the top spot at the box office in its opening weekend, beating last weekend’s top earner, A Quiet Place 2, which fell to second.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It beat A Quiet Place Part II for the number one spot at the weekend box office. A Quiet Place Part II was the number one film over the Memorial Day weekend with a four-day opening weekend of $58.5 million, beating out Disney’s big-budget reimagining Cruella. The film was the biggest opening weekend since theaters shut down in March 2020 and its success has been seen as a sign the box office is returning to normal.

The Conjuring franchise has been one of the most profitable horror franchises since the first film debuted in 2013 to $41.9 million in its opening weekend. The sequel, The Conjuring 2, opened to $40.4 million and the franchise has spawned multiple spin-off films, with the Annabelle trilogy, The Nun, and The Curse of La Llorona being consistent box-office performers. However, with The Conjuring 3 also receiving a simultaneous release on HBO Max, there was a chance the theater-exclusive A Quiet Place 2 would retain its top spot at the box office, but that has not been the case.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It took the top spot at the weekend box office. According to THR, the third entry in the main Conjuring series grossed $24 million in its opening weekend while A Quiet Place Part II came in second with $19.5 million, dropping 59% from the previous week. Rounding out the top five were Cruella at number three with $11.2 million, Spirit: Untamed at number four with $7 million, and The Wrath of Man rounding out the top five with $1.3 million.

The opening weekend for The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is lower than both The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 but there are a number of factors as to why. While theaters are open, many are still not at full capacity so some audiences may not have been able to get tickets this weekend, but could try and catch it throughout the week or save it till next weekend. The other major factor is the fact that the film was also released on HBO Max, which undoubtedly cut into the movie’s box office somewhat. HBO Max has not released the numbers yet for how the film performed on the streaming service.

The summer 2021 film season so far has also been dominated by horror films. Spiral: From the Book of Saw, A Quiet Place Part II and now The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It have all taken the number one spot in their opening weekends, suggesting that audiences want to share the experience of being scared in a theater. While there are still plenty of horror films set to open through the summer, like The Forever Purge, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, and Candyman, they will be facing stiffer competition from higher-profile blockbusters like In The Heights, Black Widow, and The Suicide Squad, just to name a few. Still, it’s proven to be another strong weekend at the box office, and that’s a good sign as more movie theaters welcome audiences back.

Mark Hamill Jokes About Luke Skywalker Kissing His Sister in Empire Strikes Back

Mark Hamill shares the original trailer for The Empire Strikes Back, but politely asks fans to forget the awkward part where he kisses his sister.

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill recently cracked a joke about kissing his sister in The Empire Strikes Back. Considered by many to be the best film in the entire Skywalker saga, 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back was both the first sequel to 1977’s original Star Wars, and the first-time creator George Lucas had stepped back from directorial duties, handing that role over to his former film school professor Irvin Kirshner. Despite production being beset by difficulties, such as the deaths of original screenwriter Leigh Bracket and second-unit director John Barry, and delays due to a fire at Elstree Studios, the film was well-received by fans and outstripped the box-office performance of its predecessor more than three-fold in its opening weekend.

Set three years after the destruction of the first Death Star at the conclusion of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back opens to find the Rebel Alliance in hiding on the ice-planet of Hoth. When Hamill’s Luke Skywalker is injured by an indigenous creature known as a Wampa, he shares a kiss with Princess Leia Organa following his recovery. While the kiss was simply intended to make Han Solo jealous, the full implications of the encounter became even more problematic when Leia is revealed to be Luke’s twin sister during Return of the Jedi.

More than aware of the awkward nature of this infamous kissing scene, Mark Hamill mocked the encounter while sharing the video of the original cinema trailer for The Empire Strikes Back. Claiming to have never seen the trailer before, Hamill retweeted it for the “incredibly dynamic” voice-over performance of his co-star Harrison Ford, but asked fans to “please ignore the part where I make a move on my sister.”

The act of Luke Skywalker kissing his twin sister has long been a source of many jokes throughout the Star Wars fandom, though it is important to remember the act was entirely innocent, no matter how cringe-worthy. Not only did Luke not know that Leia was his sister at the time, but when The Empire Strikes Back was first written, Leia’s character was never even intended to be part of the Skywalker family. According to the film’s producer, Gary Kurtz, George Lucas had planned for Luke’s real sister to be revealed in his original plans for a sequel trilogy.

It was only when Lucas decided to wrap up the original trilogy’s story with Return of the Jedi that Leia was rewritten to become Luke’s sister, which in turn cast a whole new light on that famous kiss. While The Empire Strikes Back still holds up as one of, if not the best films in the entire Star Wars franchise, one thing it will never live down is having its lead character get uncomfortably familiar with his sister. No doubt it will continue to be the butt of many Star Wars jokes still yet to come.

Harry Potter Star Was Sad She Missed Tom Felton & Emma Watson’s Crushes

Harry Potter’s Evanna Lynch was disappointed she missed Tom Felton and Emma Watson’s crush on set. The actress joined the cast on the fifth film.

Harry Potter’s Evanna Lynch was disappointed she missed Tom Felton and Emma Watson’s crush on set. Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the fantasy series, joined the franchise in the fifth installment, The Order of the Phoenix. Luna’s zany nature provided comic relief early in the story, though she ultimately became a defender of the Wizarding World and a source of unconventional wisdom for Harry. She featured in some capacity in each of the following films, including in a pivotal storyline featuring her father Xenophilius in The Deathly Hallows.

With the early Harry Potter films featuring a young, teenaged cast, it might not surprise viewers that romance bloomed on set. Though the two played sworn enemies in the films, rumors have swirled for years about whether Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) were dating. Watson admitted in 2011 that she used to have a crush on her co-star, saying “for the first two movies, I had a crush on Tom Felton. He was my first crush”. The two posted a picture together on holiday in South Africa in 2019, causing further discussion about whether they were romantically involved. The rumor was ignited once more recently, with Felton commenting that he and Watson are “something, if that makes any sense.”

In an interview with Us Weekly, Lynch lamented missing out on the Watson and Felton crush phase. The Luna Lovegood actress said that while hormones may have been raging during the early films, including in The Goblet of Fire, things had calmed down by the time she joined the cast. Read her full quote:

“Oh, it was so disappointing for me because I joined on the fifth one. I was on Order of the Phoenix and there was this sense that exciting things had happened in the last movie, and I just missed it. [I joined when] everyone had kind of grown out of their crushes and they were moving on to, like, people in the outside world. And I felt that like, damn, I missed all the drama! It was so fun the last film, according to some stories. But no, by the time I got there, they were all mature and those hormones were calming down.”

The Ravenclaw actress will certainly pique fan interest with her comments about Felton and Watson and The Goblet of Fire. The fourth installment in the series was the most mature yet and coupled the cast up for a dance in the memorable Yule Ball set-piece. Although Potterheads can’t be sure what the “drama” was on set, the rumors about Felton and Watson dating will certainly be reignited. Harry Potter fans have long wished to explore the unlikely romance between Draco and Hermione, inspiring fan-fiction and TikToks in recent years. However, as Lynch says, The Order of The Phoenix introduced more adult storylines as the cast entered their fifth year at Hogwarts. By that point, on-set crushes had died down.

Although Lynch came late to the Harry Potter world, it was the perfect time for her to join. As a young girl, Lynch was hospitalized several times for anorexia and stated that the Harry Potter series was the only thing that kept her going through her struggle. After auditioning against 15,000 other actresses for the role of Luna, J. K. Rowling believed Lynch was the perfect choice for Lovegood. Fans have been invested in Lynch’s relationship with the character ever since, with the zany witch proving the heart of the later films.

Drax Creator Comments on Dave Bautista Being Recast for Future MCU Movies

Jim Starlin, the comic book writer responsible for creating Drax, thinks Dave Bautista did a “bang up job” and talks about recasting the role.

Jim Starlin, the comic writer and artist responsible for creating Drax the Destroyer, has weighed in on Dave Bautista’s recent statements that he is ready to move on from his Guardians of the Galaxy role. Starlin’s work for Marvel includes the creation of Drax, Thanos, and Gamora, as well as writing the Infinity Gauntlet arc which served as the basis for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Drax’s first appearance was in the 1973 issue of The Invincible Iron Man #55, 41 years before James Gunn introduced him into the MCU.

When Gunn first sought to cast former WWE wrestler Bautista, Gunn himself has stated that “he had to fight for him” to win the role, “and it was the most worthy fight I’ve ever fought.” Now, as Gunn is planning to begin filming the final chapter in his Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, Bautista has been more than vocal about being ready to step aside from the role once the film is done, recently suggesting that at his age “the shirtless thing is getting harder and harder for me.” Despite feeling that his own time as Drax is drawing to a close, Bautista has also come out to suggest that he would like to see the character continue in the MCU and eventually be recast with a younger actor.

Now off the back of Bautista’s comments, Drax’s creator Jim Starlin spoke with Inverse about his thoughts on Drax’s MCU future. Applauding Bautista for doing a “bang up job” with his creation, he sympathizes with the actor’s desire to move on to other things. Starlin is also confident that Drax’s character will continue on in the MCU even without Bautista under the makeup, saying:

“I can understand hitting 54 and not wanting to take your shirt off anymore... The Marvel Universe is going to keep trucking along and they found that they have made money on cosmic stuff. So they will more than likely are going to do more of it. There may be another Drax down the line; somebody else who hopefully has half the comedic timing of Bautista.”

While it is disappointing that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is likely to be Dave Bautista’s final turn in the role, it most certainly will not be the last fans see of the former WWE star. As for whether or not Drax could be played by another actor, James Gunn is not as confident as either Bautista or Starlin that recasting the role is a viable option. When Bautista shared the news on Twitter, his friend and Guardians of the Galaxy director replied by suggesting, “You ARE the MCU’s Drax the Destroyer and, as far as I’m concerned, could never be replaced.”

Ultimately, though, replacing Bautista with another actor will come down to Kevin Feige and the folks at Marvel Studios. Should that ever happen, there are several options available to them, including seeking to develop a prequel origin film with a younger actor, as per Bautista’s original suggestion, or possibly even introduce an alternate version of the character from the wider multiverse. Regardless, whoever is next in line to don Drax’s makeup will certainly have some big shoes to fill as they attempt to play the lovable Guardians of the Galaxy character.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Video Reveals Zendaya’s Lola Bunny Voice

ESPN’s new Space Jam: A New Legacy video offers a first glimpse of Zendaya’s Lola Bunny voice, giving the character a fresh take for modern audiences.

A new video for Space Jam: A New Legacy reveals Zendaya’s voice for Lola Bunny. Back in April, Zendaya officially joined the cast of the sequel to the nostalgic 1996 classic Space Jam. The new film is a stand-alone story that sees LeBron James, following in the footsteps of Michael Jordan, as he must team up with Looney Tunes characters to win a basketball game.

While Space Jam: A New Legacy does revolve around a current NBA star teaming up Looney Tunes characters, it is not a true sequel or reboot of the original flick. In the new movie, LeBron and his son, Dom (Cedric Joe), find themselves trapped in Serververse, a Warner Bros. content library ruled by a rouge A.I. named AI-G Rhythm (voice by Don Cheadle). In order to save his son and return home safely, LeBron will need to team up with a gang of undisciplined Looney Tunes to win a basketball game against AI-G’s digitized champions, known as the Goon Squad. Though veteran Looney Tunes voice actors are expected to reprise their roles, one major character has been recast with a new voice.

In an ESPN video for Space Jam: A New Legacy released to YouTube, titled “The Bunny & The GOAT,” Zendaya briefly reveals her voice for Lola Bunny. The entire video is framed in a mock documentary that hilariously builds up the plot to the new movie. First heard around the 1:48 mark in the video, Lola Bunny confidently proclaims that everyone knows that LeBron and the Looney Tunes are part of “Lola’s Team,” resulting in a disheartened look from Bugs Bunny in the next cutaway. Lola’s voice pops back up a few more times throughout the rest of the video, but in each instance, it’s clear that she’s just as tough-talking as she was in the original flick.

The original Space Jam marked the very first appearance of Lola Bunny. In the film, she’s presented with a personality that is a combination of a tomboy and femme fatale archetype. Lola is highly athletic, extremely independent and self-reliant; however, on the flip side, she was also created to serve as a romantic interest for Bugs. Her shapely figure and seductive attributes turned her into an animated sex symbol that named her the most attractive cartoon character in the world in 2020. It seems that the new movie is moving away from that depiction.

Space Jame: A New Legacy director Malcolm D. Lee has given Lola Bunny a new look and voice in order to avoid the over-sexualized tones of her depiction in the original film. She seems like a much more well-rounded character, largely in part thanks to Zendaya’s vocal performance. From the first glimpse of Lola’s new voice, it’s clear that she’s just as confident and tough as ever, without much of the sexualized depictions, giving a new generation of younger viewers a stronger character to look up to.

Peanuts Documentary Trailer Reveals the Origin of Charlie Brown

The first trailer for Who Are You, Charlie Brown?, a documentary about Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz, is released by AppleTV+.

A trailer for the Apple TV+ documentary about the genesis of the Peanuts comics titled Who Are You, Charlie Brown? has been released. Charles M. Schulz penned his first issue of Peanuts in 1950. The comic strip was eventually adapted into TV specials. A Charlie Brown Christmas came first airing in 1965. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown came a year later in 1966, and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving in 1973. These holiday specials still air yearly to this day. In 2020, Apple TV+ threatened to make these Charlie Brown specials exclusively available on the streaming platform ahead of the holidays but later reversed the decision.

Apple TV+ released the trailer for Who Are You, Charlie Brown? The trailer revealed that the story is more about the man behind Charlie Brown than Charlie Brown himself. Not only will actors, comic strip artists, and other creatives weigh in on their favorite Peanuts moments, but they will honor Peanuts creator Schulz. While noting his accomplishments, they praise Schulz for creating lovable, relatable characters, addressing real-life themes, and incorporating diversity into his comics and holiday TV specials in a time when that wasn’t done. Additionally, his wife, Jean Schulz, shares part of his creative process.

Some of these A-listers include Drew Barrymore, Al Roker, Billie Jean King, Kevin Smith, Robb Armstrong, and more. Lupita Nyong’o narrates the documentary produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard and directed by Michael Bonfiglio. In addition to the documentary, fans can look forward to a brand new, animated Charlie Brown story. Who Are You, Charlie Brown? hits Apple TV+ on June 25.

Ryan Reynolds Travels With Deadpool Mask In New Image

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds posts a mysterious caption-less picture on his travels showing his Deadpool mask stuffed in his backpack.

Ryan Reynolds travels with his Deadpool mask in a new image. The hilarious Merc with a Mouth was last seen on screen in 2018’s Deadpool 2. One year later, Deadpool officially became part of the MCU when Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and the rights to all the X-Men characters. Deadpool 3 has since been officially confirmed by Marvel president Kevin Feige and is the only R-rated MCU project in development.

Fans, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, and Ryan Reynolds have all been eager for a third Deadpool movie. Reynolds has always been one of the greatest advocates for Deadpool’s character development. He previously joked about how Deadpool’s first MCU mission would be finding out who killed Bambi’s mom. While skeptics might say it’s highly unlikely that such a plot point would occur, anything goes with the fourth-wall-breaking chaotic bundle of mayhem that is Wade Wilson.

In typical comedic fashion, Reynolds was a total tease during his latest travels. The Deadpool star shared a caption-less image to his Instagram stories, but his travel companion’s presence was loud enough. Check out the fun photo of Reynolds’ coffee and his Deadpool mask below.

The question is, why was Reynolds traveling with the iconic mask? Is he just trolling, or did he bring the mask for Deadpool 3 pre-production talks? Feige did confirm earlier this year that Deadpool 3 wouldn’t start officially filming until at least 2022, but that a script was being written. Reynolds was one of the co-writers for Deadpool 2, but the two confirmed writers for the third film are Bob’s Burgers executive producers and writers Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin.

Although the reason for the presence of the Deadpool mask in Reynolds’ backpack is a mystery, it’s still a fun little treat for fans eager for more Deadpool content. There hasn’t been any official word either on plot details or an official release date for Deadpool 3. Marvel has already announced their full slate of films for the rest of 2021 and 2022, but 2023 only has two MCU movies on the roster so far. Thankfully the Merc with a Mouth will be able to debut in the MCU in all his R-rated glory. The mystery around Deadpool’s official return to the big screen is still shrouded in mystery, and while the wait is understandably frustrating for fans, it’ll be great if the cast and crew take their time to make the long wait worthwhile.

Evil Dead Rise Set Photo Confirms Filming Has Started in New Zealand

Evil Dead Rise director Lee Cronin confirms filming has officially begun in New Zealand with an image of the sequel’s clapperboard.

A new image from the set of Evil Dead Rise reveals the sequel has begun filming. Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead films are some of the most iconic horror movies from the ’80s. Evil Dead 2 specifically managed to blend comedy and horror, which Raimi’s Army of Darkness and Ash vs. Evil Dead continued. Fede Alvarez’s 2013 Evil Dead remake starring Jane Levy took a more dark and serious approach yet still managed to win over audiences. The franchise is continuing to this day with the upcoming Evil Dead Rise.

A new Evil Dead movie was confirmed to be in development back in October 2019. Bruce Campbell has officially retired as Ash Williams, but he and Raimi are both returning to produce the new film. Rather than taking place in a cabin in the woods, the next Evil Dead will take place in the city, and Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan will star as sisters in the film. Campbell expected Evil Dead Rise to start filming last year, but like so many other productions, that date got pushed back due to the pandemic. The actor updated horror fans in March though, revealing that the sequel would be filming in New Zealand later this year.

Now filming has officially begun on Evil Dead Rise. Director Lee Cronin shared the news by posting a photo of Evil Dead Rise’s clapperboard on the first day of shooting. Cronin’s original tweet can be seen below:

The image shared by Cronin doesn’t reveal much about the movie’s plot, but horror buffs do already have a good idea of what the film will be about. It has been confirmed that Evil Dead Rise is continuing Raimi’s trilogy rather than adding on to the remake’s storyline. Even though Ash won’t be featured in the film, except maybe a cameo, it is exciting that the next movie is expanding the story Raimi started 40 years ago. Raimi is currently busy with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, yet it is a good sign that he and Campbell are both involved in Evil Dead Rise’s production.

Besides filming being delayed due to COVID, the development of Evil Dead Rise is moving fairly quickly since it was announced. The movie will be released on HBO Max instead of in theaters, which is a safer bet since the theater industry is still trying to bounce back from the effects of the pandemic. However, now that vaccines are becoming more readily available to people around the world, productions are going back to normal, which means Evil Dead Rise has the potential to finish filming on time. A release date for Evil Dead Rise still hasn’t been revealed, but with filming officially underway, it’s only a matter of time before Campbell or someone else involved in the production sends out another update.