Sure Egypt wasn't on the original itinerary but am I sure glad we made it there. With an unplanned trip like this, everything was off the cuff and completely spontaneous. In a lot of ways that made things a heck of a lot more interesting and with the way things turned out, I can't complain one bit. What you see here is days of unedited fun in a country where there was so much history, culture and food to take in. In fact Egypt turned out to be the perfect complement to Ethiopia. Where Ethiopia was definitely a lot more off the beaten path, uncomfortable, and raw, Egypt was more relaxed, luxurious, and larger than life.It's honestly hard to compare the two legs because of how different and unique they were but one thing that's hard to deny is that Egypt is much more developed and the tourism industry is more mature. As a result, we could do things like a sail boat cruise that was built to be a throwback to the late 18th century, drive a quad in the middle of the desert, and dive in the Red Sea.Even with all the adventure that we did, what is perhaps the most memorable about Egypt was the step back in time we did as we hopped from one Ancient Egyptian ruin to another. Normally ruins get kind of boring after awhile if I'm to be honest. You see so many and they all kind of look the same. Not the case here. I have never had a guide so good at telling compelling stories, educating, and keeping a group engaged all the way through.