Evil Dead Rise Set Photo Confirms Filming Has Started in New Zealand

Evil Dead Rise director Lee Cronin confirms filming has officially begun in New Zealand with an image of the sequel’s clapperboard.

A new image from the set of Evil Dead Rise reveals the sequel has begun filming. Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead films are some of the most iconic horror movies from the ’80s. Evil Dead 2 specifically managed to blend comedy and horror, which Raimi’s Army of Darkness and Ash vs. Evil Dead continued. Fede Alvarez’s 2013 Evil Dead remake starring Jane Levy took a more dark and serious approach yet still managed to win over audiences. The franchise is continuing to this day with the upcoming Evil Dead Rise.

A new Evil Dead movie was confirmed to be in development back in October 2019. Bruce Campbell has officially retired as Ash Williams, but he and Raimi are both returning to produce the new film. Rather than taking place in a cabin in the woods, the next Evil Dead will take place in the city, and Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan will star as sisters in the film. Campbell expected Evil Dead Rise to start filming last year, but like so many other productions, that date got pushed back due to the pandemic. The actor updated horror fans in March though, revealing that the sequel would be filming in New Zealand later this year.

Now filming has officially begun on Evil Dead Rise. Director Lee Cronin shared the news by posting a photo of Evil Dead Rise’s clapperboard on the first day of shooting. Cronin’s original tweet can be seen below:

The image shared by Cronin doesn’t reveal much about the movie’s plot, but horror buffs do already have a good idea of what the film will be about. It has been confirmed that Evil Dead Rise is continuing Raimi’s trilogy rather than adding on to the remake’s storyline. Even though Ash won’t be featured in the film, except maybe a cameo, it is exciting that the next movie is expanding the story Raimi started 40 years ago. Raimi is currently busy with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, yet it is a good sign that he and Campbell are both involved in Evil Dead Rise’s production.

Besides filming being delayed due to COVID, the development of Evil Dead Rise is moving fairly quickly since it was announced. The movie will be released on HBO Max instead of in theaters, which is a safer bet since the theater industry is still trying to bounce back from the effects of the pandemic. However, now that vaccines are becoming more readily available to people around the world, productions are going back to normal, which means Evil Dead Rise has the potential to finish filming on time. A release date for Evil Dead Rise still hasn’t been revealed, but with filming officially underway, it’s only a matter of time before Campbell or someone else involved in the production sends out another update.