Hulk Hogan Reacts to Hemsworth’s Thor 4 Transformation Ahead of WWE Biopic

Hulk Hogan comments on Chris Hemsworth’s physical transformation for Thor 4 ahead of the upcoming Hogan biopic starring Hemsworth for Netflix.

Hulk Hogan recently gave his opinion of Chris Hemsworth’s muscle transformation before his WWE biopic. In 2019, it was announced that Chris Hemsworth would portray the legendary Hall of Fame wrestler in an upcoming movie about his life. Although little information about the Netflix film has been released so far, that hasn’t stopped Hogan from publicly airing his opinions about Hemsworth’s casting.

Terry Bollea, better publicly known as Hulk Hogan, began his wrestling career in 1977. With a 300 pound frame of muscle capable of slamming Andre The Giant, it was clear from the beginning that Hogan was a unique physical specimen. Standing at a towering height of 6’7 and with flowing blonde hair, Hogan easily stood out among his competition. To realistically retell his story, directors needed to find a notable actor that could match his legendary stature and attitude. Chris Hemsworth fit the bill, already having the hair and muscular build, but can his transformation live up to the Hulkster?

Hulk Hogan seems to think so and took to Instagram to give his stamp of approval. Hemsworth recently posted a picture of himself on the set of Thor 4: Love and Thunder. In the photo, the massive arms bulging out of his tank top almost look surreal. Even Hogan had to repost it and admit that Hemsworth has the “Hogan Pump on Jack.”

Hemsworth’s physical transformation shows he can visually portray Hollywood Hogan on the big screen. While Hemsworth is best known for playing Thor in the MCU, he has also had notable roles in films such as Red Dawn, 12 Strong, and In the Heart of the Sea that show his versatility. This coupled with a muscular structure to match Hogan is a great indication he’ll be able accurately portray the wrestling legend’s career through all its ups and downs.

The new film could rejuvenate Hogan’s image, which has been tarnished by scandals in his personal life. In 2007, a sex tape of Hogan was leaked and he was also later fired from WWE after he was recorded openly using racial slurs. These controversies will not be addressed in the new film, however, as it’s expected to focus on the early year’s of Hogan’s career. This could see the movie, which is being directed by Joker’s Todd Phillips, portray Hogan in a more positive light with more attention given to rise in fame. The Netflix film does not currently have an official title or release date, but it is speculated to possibly be released in 2022. Even so, judging by the attention of Hulk Hogan’s post, this a movie that will be closely watched once production gets rolling.