Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia and is well-known for its picturesque seaside location and rich maritime history. There is no shortage of things to do and see here, whether it's your main destination or a stopping point on your way to discovering more of Atlantic Canada. And it's the ideal city to explore on foot. Check out must-include items for the ultimate Halifax sightseeing itinerary!Ask anyone what to do in Halifax and they'll likely tell you to check out the Halifax waterfront. It's the perfect place to get a feel for the city, with almost four kilometres of boardwalk to stroll along. Visit one of the many seaside shops and restaurants, rent a bike or e-bike, or just take in the views.Some of the many highlights on a visit to the Halifax waterfront include the infamous "Drunken Lampposts," a fun art installation that has become a popular photo op, and the Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market, one of North America's oldest farmers' markets (open year-round).The Canadian Museum of Immigration is the perfect destination for the end of your boardwalk stroll! It's closed for renovations until April 2021, but it would be amiss not to include it on a Halifax sightseeing list.This iconic, historic location is where almost one million Canadian immigrants landed between 1928 and 1971. Visit to be immersed into the ongoing history of Canadian immigration, from past to present.Visit this historic hilltop fort that has sat overlooking Halifax since 1856: definitely one of the most recommended places to visit in Halifax. On the same site, earlier versions of the fort existed as early as 1749. Step back in time as you explore the fort and learn what daily life was like for soldiers.Don't miss the firing of the Noon Gun, every day year-round except for Christmas Day. Watch at 12 p.m. as gunners dressed in an 1869 3rd Brigade Royal Artillery Uniform fire a reproduction 12 pounder, smooth-bore muzzle-loading gun from the ramparts of the citadel. This has been a daily tradition at the site since 1857, a tribute to the city's history as a British military stronghold. Take a self-guided tour of the fort with a downloadable map of key locations that you can view here.On a visit to Halifax, don't miss taking a stroll through the Halifax Public Gardens, a beautiful Victorian-era garden first established in 1867.Depending on the time of year you visit, there will be something unique to see as you walk the 16-acre garden’s many winding paths—from seasonal plants to fountains and statues reminiscent of Victorian times.Want to know what you’re looking at on your visit to the gardens? Guided tours are currently on hold, but you can follow along with this visual guide of what blooms in the garden each season:Add some extra fun to your visit to the Public Gardens—check out this Halifax Tourist Scavenger Hunt.Nova Scotia has an incredibly rich maritime history. The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is great if you’re looking for interesting activities in Halifax, whether you’re a history buff or not. Visit the museum for an immersive overview of maritime history, from the Titanic to the Halifax Explosion, to the Golden Age of Sail.One of the museum’s most notable exhibits tells the story of the Titanic, Halifax’s role in the disaster, and the personal stories of many who were on board, with a collection of artifacts that include a rare Titanic deck chair. Want to dig even deeper into Halifax history from the Titanic to the Halifax explosion? You might like this Half-Day Historical Tour of Halifax. If you’re a sports fan and in search of a great outdoor activity, this is a must-add to your Halifax sightseeing list. Follow a free guide from the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame, with three different walking routes that take you to sports heritage sites around Halifax.