Top Things To Do in Scarborough

On the eastern end of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is the neighbourhood of Scarborough. Marked by several key landmarks, a diverse multicultural communities, green spaces, and authentic international restaurants. Locals know where to go but there isn't great coverage on the top things to do in Scarborough, Ontario so here is a list the best that this neighbourhood has to offer. Scarborough doesn't always get the attention it deserves and as someone that grew up here, I know that there are plenty of hidden gems that most non-locals never get a chance to visit. You just need to know where to look for these top things to do in Scarborough.The dramatic limestone cliffs that follow the shores of Lake Ontario is the reason why this neighbourhood is called Scarborough to begin with.Elizabeth Simcoe, wife of the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe, named this town for a British town with the same name that also features white-faced rock cliffs.The entirety of the Scarborough Bluffs spans 15km and features 11 parks. That said, when someone says "Scarborough Bluffs", they're most likely referring to Bluffer's Park.Featured in one of the best parks in Scarborough, Bluffer's Park is the most iconic part of the escarpment and has the most visible and dominant part of the exposed rock face. The best view of it is from Lookout Point in the park.To make things even better, right below the cliffs is a small sandy beach that many locals come to cool off.This small beach isn't to be confused with the giant stretch of beach on the other end of the park. While Toronto's Woodbine beach often gets a lot of buzz as the one and only beach in the city, I'd argue that Bluffer's Beach is equally as good, if not better.There is a massive stretch of sand that comes considerably in-land which is why you'll also find a large set of volleyball nets as well. Bluffer's Beach is also a Blue Flag Beach which means it meets strict water quality and safety criteria.I couldn’t really say whether the Lobster Mountain or Lobster Tower was invented here but I’m going to say it is. Originally located closer to Pacific Mall, this new location is home to a lobster lover’s paradise.Not to get lost in the Bluffer’s Park is the marina itself. It’s easy to forget that there’s easy access to Lake Ontario from Scarborough.While most of us don’t have boats or membership to the Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club, this spot is great for a number of reasons.Parking – The other lots fill up quickly but there’s a $15 flat rate lot for the marina that most people don’t know about. Great viewpoints and picnic areas – Most people either go to the Bluffer’s Park side of Beach side but in the middle stays significantly quieter and calmer, making it a great place to enjoy the view, hang out by the rocky shore, or set up a picnic. Bluffer’s Restaurant – The restaurant that’s part of the marina is the best part of all. They have an awesome patio space overlooking the marina and lake and is excellent for brunch and sunsets. Bonus: If you spend $25 or more, they’ll validate your parking so its free! Bluffer’s Restaurant is one of the top patios in Scarborough and has a killer view.When coming to visit here, it seems like such an eclectic and unusual collection of monuments, statues, and sculptures but when you learn more about its history, you’ll realize there’s a fascinating story to what has turned this space into one of the most beautiful parks and gardens in Scarborough.