Joanne Moorhouse Brand Photographer
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About the Photographer


About the photographer

My name is Joanne and as long as I can remember I have loved photography & can usually be found carrying some form of camera. I trained in Visual Communications at University whilst living abroad (can also offer advice on graphic design if needed), and am finally realising my dream of having my own photography business. Whilst I started with portraiture, travel, animals and the natural world as my subjects, I have now completed additional photography courses & seminars and now specialise in working with business owners (like yourself) to help promote their businesses with quality branding images & headshots, which I absolutely love.

In my downtime, I will often take off for the day (with my camera of course) to shoot what I see as a visual diary of the places I have been, people I see, etc. to share with friends and family abroad. Although I lived for many years in America, I returned home to England in 2011. Although I really miss my friends I do love it here, especially the countryside. When possible I also volunteer for area charities, such as GHCT (Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust) which I have recently offered my photographic & design skills to, & New Start Cat Rescue. Friends, family, music & travel are also important and round-out my downtime.

I feel it is important to never stop learning, so I attend as many webinars & conferences as possible, including the annual Photography Show in Birmingham, The Smart Woman’s Business Hub conference & The Growth Hub. I am a proud member of the Cheltenham Women’s Business Club, Eve Networking Group & Cheltenham Lifestyle & Business Directory. I am open to occasionally collaborating with other like minded business owners, so if you have a complimentary service please do get in touch. I believe we grow from helping others and sharing our knowledge with each other. I look forward to meeting you, and seeing how we can work together to make your business shine with bespoke images that tell your story.