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Specialising in custom brand photography sessions for women in business…

so that they shine in front of their audience with authentic, bespoke images that tell a story. The story of their business.

(photo is a sample from a branding session)


Clients today want to connect with the people they buy from. They want to know who you are & what you stand for. With platforms like Instagram & Facebook more popular than ever, it’s become easier & easier for customers to engage with the people they do business with.

This means that you need more than an outdated headshot of yourself to share with the world, that barely even looks like you anymore. You need fresh professional images that tell the ‘real story’ of what you & your business can offer your audience.

Working with a professional photographer that specialises in working with businesses like yours will help you to build up a large custom library of images that you can use as often as you like without having to resort to stock photography, because let’s be honest, when you see the same photo being used on various different websites can it really tell YOUR story?

You have better things to do than spend your precious time taking selfies when you can be spending it working directly on what is most important to you, your business. You need a professional Photographer! One that specialises in helping businesses like yours stand out from the crowd. You want to save time and get your story out there to your audience in the most authentic way possible in order to grow your audience & help you make more money! Images that engage your audience & help increase conversions on your ads, launches, website & more. You know that investing in your business will bring positive results.

Imagine the feeling of relief you will have when you find a photographer (who is there for you with your best interest at heart) EVERY time you have a launch coming up or need new images. Someone you can rely on to help you shine. You can relax in the fact that you won’t have to travel to have gorgeous photos taken either! I will come to your office, your home, to your events, or wherever you want some photographs taken in order to help you get those authentic images that share who you are with the world. Images that help you grow your personal brand. Images that tell your story!


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